Timestone vinder German Design Award 2024

Mikkel Tymm-andersen

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Mikkel Tymm-Andersen

TIMESTONE Receives German Design Award Special Mention for Eco-Friendly Gravestones

TIMESTONE, the Danish pioneer in memorial design, adds a prestigious award to its collection with the German Design Award Special Mention for its innovative eco-friendly gravestones. This recognition underscores TIMESTONE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design while prioritizing environmental responsibility.
The German Design Award, known for celebrating outstanding design achievements, has bestowed this special mention upon TIMESTONE for its innovative approach to memorializing loved ones. Unlike traditional monuments crafted from imported granite, TIMESTONE’s gravestones are crafted from locally sourced clay, setting a new standard in sustainability within the industry. Felix Hoffmann, the German designer who played a pivotal role in the development of these eco-friendly memorials, collaborated closely with TIMESTONE and DESIGNERS TRUST, Timothy Jacob Jensen to bring this vision to life. The result is a harmonious fusion of innovation, elegant design, and environmental responsibility, culminating in a product that stands out in the category of “Excellent Product Design – Eco Design.” “

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